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Two Boats

Gently swaying with the rhythm of the water, ‘Two Boats’ lie anchored side by side, their presence a quiet testament to companionship and shared journeys. Set against the backdrop of a serene lake, with the setting sun casting a warm, golden glow over the scene, these boats symbolize both tranquility and adventure.

Each boat tells a story of exploration and the promise of new horizons, yet their stillness in the moment invites reflection and peace. The mirrored surface of the water, reflecting the boats and the surrounding landscape, adds a layer of calm and continuity, suggesting an unspoken bond between the vessels and their environment.

Image Size

30 cm x 45 cm


Natural Wood, Finished, White


IDR 100.000,-/month
  • Photo Paper 310 gram
  • Laminated Doff on-top of the image


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